The Nordiques return to Quebec Marc-André Lord

There is never smoke without fire, but when you see the flames, it becomes plain clear.

I can tell you, in fact, CONFIRM that the city of Quebec will have its NHL team next season.

With the construction of the new amphitheater and, above all, the announcement of the renovations of the Pepsi Coliseum at a cost of $ 6.8 million a few weeks ago, it was only a statement from someone attached to the file to have the response that so many people expect.

In fact, why should the repairs to the existing Coliseum be done now? Why is the timeline for bringing the new coliseum bill to 400 million so short?

The answer, I got it today: “It’s done. ”

It takes no more.

Add to that the statements of Bill Daly on the antenna of SN590, a radio station based in Toronto and we have more pieces than it takes to complete the puzzle.

Obviously, Daly will not confirm anything but he says enough to once again bring more interested glances in the Old Capital.

While everyone is trying to get information from Régis Labeaume or Gary Bettman himself, you might want to shoot in another direction.

The new Coliseum will be built with public money. Tell us that it makes people involved in the management file and to whom we have to be accountable.

I will not say more.

The only detail remaining to be obtained is the time when the whole will be formalized. After the Coyotes have been eliminated or after the Stanley Cup has been awarded?

But be assured, supporters of the Nordiques and hockey, there will be NHL hockey in Quebec next year!

I hope Geoff Molson signed a piece of paper to Patrick Roy