The Swiss prince will charm Hamilton Maxime Duquet

We all knew that Switzerland had an incredible talent on the ice, but it is also a young man with a lot of class. Before conquering the city of Hamilton in a few weeks, the main interested has trained where he has played his last two seasons in the QMJHL in Rouyn-Noranda. He was able to see his teammates for the last time before leaving for the CH recruits’ camp.

Last season, Andrighetto scored 31 goals and 67 assists in just 53 games. I loved this player during the playoffs. I saw him evolve during the second round against the Quebec Remparts and he had really increased his game a notch. By the way, Mikhail Grigorenko did not even get to his ankle during this series … In the end, he has accumulated 30 points, including 8 goals in 14 playoff games.

An important role within
We all know that the Bulldogs had a lot of difficulty last season. They finished last in the league with goals scored and there is no need to look very far to determine the cause of this low crop. Sylvain Lefebvre’s troop was actually young, but if you look at the lineup, there was not really a player with a big offensive potential. The only player with this potential was Brendan Gallagher, but he left the team after 36 games to join the big club in the NHL. This season, Andrighetto could be the famous offensive player that the Dogs need. I sincerely believe he can play immediately on the first two trios. He has too much talent to be allowed to mold on a defensive trio!

Its small size is not a problem
When the CH selected Andrighetto in the 3rd round of the last draft, I do not hide from you that I was extremely happy. I fell in love with this player when I saw him go on the ice and I really hoped that the CH would put his hand on it.However, some people around me fell my bubble telling me it was too small and blah blah blah. It is true that at 5 feet and 9 inches, it does not represent the perfect model of the big attacker that the CH has so much need for years, but one can not reproach him with his desire to conquer. The former Huskies coach, André Tourigny, has only good words about Switzerland. He even said that Andrighetto is one of the best European players to have played for the Huskies.

To prove how modest the young man is and a team guy, he maintains that it was because of Jean-Sébastien Dea, Gabriel Desjardins and Nikita Kucherov that his team was successful faster than expected. It’s funny that this statement comes from a player who grazed the plateau of 100 points last season!