Donald Brashear makes a real fool of himself Andre Ouellet

It was in the third period of a game led 7-4 by the local team, the 3L of Rivière-du-loup. Brashear, who was the target of this kind of stroke during his NHL play, went with a totally ridiculous and unsightly gesture.

What I find the most deplorable is the gesture, of course, but it is also the way in which the partisans command this gesture. For them, it is as commonplace to order a pizza at the restaurant of the corner. For them, the life and health of the victim is of little importance. They want “their show”.

This note is not used to condemn the LNAH, on the contrary. This note could perhaps make him the greatest of possessions.The LNAH is a league that I respect to the highest points since many of my friends have played there and because it offers the chance to a hundred players to pursue their career in hockey. I love LNAH and I would like it to change once and for all. For Francis Charette, Kevin Cloutier, Dany Roussin, Sébastien Courcelles, Mathieu Melanson, Dominic Chiasson, Denis Hamel, Nick Corbeil, Jesse Bélanger, Jonathan Gauthier and my friend Pierre-Luc Laprise, I ask the league to find a way finally eliminate these stupidities and scratch them from the card.

Hockey is not a sport reserved for blood-thirsty Romans. Hockey is not “entertainment” for people who do not like their daily lives. Hockey is a noble sport and no one has the right to do so with the sole aim of “making money”.