Maxim Pitre continues its momentum Maxime Tousignant

After returning to the Therrien circuit following his training camp with the Moncton Wildcats, this player did what everyone aspires to: experience a dazzling start to the season. In 24 games, Maxim Pitre scored 11 goals and accumulated 24 assists. “It exceeds my expectations, confirms the attacker of Châteauguay. We just have to keep it going. ”

So it was with the fifth best scorer in the regular season in their ranks that the Grenadiers arrived at the Challenge Midget AAA Reebok with a specific goal in mind. “We wanted to win the Challenge to show that we are a team to consider for the series,” says Maxime Pitre.

A perfect first round
The Grenadiers started the tournament with three consecutive victories. For his part, the Moncton Wildcats’ third-round pick in the 2011 draft showed his presence at the first game by writing his name twice on the score sheet.
He continued his crop with a helping hand at the second Grenadiers match: a victory against the Lévis Commanders by the 3-0 mark. Maxim Pitre concluded the first round on a high note by scintillating the red light twice in a 3-2 win over the Moncton formation.

However, the Grenadiers stumbled against Olivier Tremblay and the Élites de Jonquière in the quarter-finals. Even though the Chateauguay representatives attempted a return with a goal in the middle, they were forced to drop the flag in front of the representatives of Jonquière in a 2 to 1 setback. “Their goalkeeper was exceptional. He seemed to see everything, “says the Grenadiers striker.

He finished his tournament with three goals and two assists in four games. This crop allowed him to climb two steps in the ranking of the best markers of the Midget AAA circuit. The Chateauguay formation can build on its tournament for the rest of the campaign. Even if he does not want to put too much pressure on his shoulders, Maxim is of the opinion that they have the team to finish in the top of the rankings this season.