The Blizzard champion of the Midget Challenge AAA Maxime Tousignant

The final of this 7 th edition of the Challenge Midget AAA began on hubcaps. Even though each of the teams had played five games in just four days, the players of both teams did not give themselves an inch of free space on the skating rink showing a high level of intensity from the initial face-off.It was not until the 13 th minute of play before attending the first goal. Christophe Boivin took advantage of a hazardous exit from goalkeeper Olivier Tremblay to hand the puck to teammate Alexandre Delisle-Houde who had only to push her in a deserted cage to give the lead to the Seminary Saint- Francis.

This net did not seem to destabilize the men of Dany Fortin since they continued to apply a sustained failure before in the territory of the Blizzard.It was notably thanks to this constant pressure on the record carrier that the Elites were able to remain unbeaten in the tournament and reach their very first final of the Challenge Midget AAA Reebok.

A second decisive period

While both sides offered only one goal to supporters in the first round, Blizzard players quickly remedied the situation at the beginning of the median period.
After just 23 seconds, Deven St-Hilaire capitalized on a return to the enclave to double the advance of his own.

The Blizzard striker was not satisfied. After the goal of his teammate, Maxime Chevalier, he returned to the charge twenty seconds later to put on his second net of the encounter against the keeper of the Elites.

The latter gave way to Keven Bouchard after allocating four goals on 16 shots.
This decision had the effect expected by Elite head coach Dany Fortin, because a few minutes later Simon-Claude Blackburn made the red light flicker behind the Blizzard goaltender Gabriel Parent.

The rise however stopped there for the representatives of Jonquière. Alexandre Delisle-Houde continued his excellent evening of work by participating in the fifth goal of the Blizzard, which drove the last nail into the coffin of the Elites.

At the end of the match, Simon-Claude Blackburn finished his tournament on a high note by scoring his second goal of the game, his seventh in the competition. He finished first in the Challenge with a 12-point crop. Although the Elites do not have a pass for the first round of the playoffs of the Therrien circuit, they can still leave L’Ancienne-Lorette with their heads held high.

Dany Fortin’s men started the tournament 15th overall in the regular season, but with two wins they won at the start of the tournament, they climbed four rungs.

Meanwhile, the Blizzard of the Séminaire Saint-François has secured the second trophy in its history at the AAA Reebok Midget Challenge after their victory at the very first edition in 2006.This team, currently in second place overall, will be watching for the playoff season by the end of the season.