GM Hockey Legacy: A Challenging Experience Jasmin Leroux

GM Hockey Legacy is the continuation of a long series of Eclectic Logic simulation game, while the very first try of the company named GM Hockey dates from 2003. GM Hockey Renaissance followed for several years before seeing GM Hockey 2009 published in October 2008.

This is the first official release for this series since that date. The principle is simple: you play as a general manager of a National Hockey League team, controlling absolutely all aspects of the simulation.

Whether organizing team trips, making deals, managing dealerships, reaching out to sponsors, sending scouts to report on future league stars , controlling club closures, restructuring contracts , participate in the July 1 market, the Olympics, and much more.

There is also of course more coaching aspect , while you can manage the trios and schedule the pro club guards and club-school. The matches are then simulated in front of you.

The additions in this new version of the game are numerous to push the experience even further: “The possibility of starting anywhere between 1980 and 2012 proved to be the major addition. We have also added the opportunity to create an expansion team, relocate training, begin amateur drafting, remove waistcoats, add history of leadership movements, injuries and retirements, hiring special staff, expand the prospect analysis in the draft, the possibility of building an arena and much more, “says Jean-Fran├žois Cabana, programmer.
This game is born of a very special process, while the financing was done directly via the customers, most all of Quebeckers, eager to see the project come to fruition. “We set up a pre-sale that allowed us to finance the work at around 50%. In addition, those who had acquired VIP participation were able to participate in the tests 6 months before the official release. It was a win-win relationship. On the one hand, they could play well ahead of a game they were expecting and on the other, we relied on a solid base of testers. We have always been close to our customers and it makes us feel good, “says Cabana.
On a very personal note, let me add that the experience is really incredible. The hours go by in an eclipse and we become totally absorbed in our team throughout the seasons.

And with the recent additions, the opportunity to relive great moments in hockey history for 30 years is truly rewarding. The 1993 Stanley Cup, both lockouts, expansions over the years.
There are also the great years of several teams over the years that you can relive, the retirement of the great ones like Guy Lafleur, Wayne Gretzky or Mario Lemieux, and much more. On the subject of development, Cabana mentions that his biggest challenge was to adjust the parameters for all these seasons.

“The big challenge was to collect and treat the players for all seasons between 1980 and 2012. Although this is a job that will probably never be finished (there are always players who deserve to be adjusted) we have spent a very long time on this facet, in addition to implementing the rules and trends relative to each season. The other new functions naturally became nested in our previous gear. “