Danny Kristo, Phoenix Coyotes and others Andre Ouellet

The Montreal Canadiens have yet to play a single game this season and the time begins to be long for the hockey fan who is still deprived of his sophisticated air par excellence. The average hockey fan has never spent so much time at home during the hockey season and is eager to finally have a “real” excuse to join the boys at the brewery.

Meanwhile, a question is still on the lips of hockey fans who are also interested in the young hopes of an organization that will have new priorities in the future:

Who is the best hope for the Habs?
You’re probably going to find me extremist, but I think the “experts” in hockey are very tough on Danny Kristo. The 22-year-old American is still considered to be the best hope for the Habs and I could say that he is on par with Alex Galchenyuk who also has an undeniable talent.
Do you want to tell me why you are condemning a player who is trying to finish his studies at a university that many people consider to be the best to practice in the United States?

You are the first to condemn the QMJHL since it does not offer the best program to our young Quebeckers so that they can get their hands on quality studies and you dare to condemn a player who on the other side tries to finish his.

Kristo plays at the Ralph Engelstad Arena and for those who have seen the topo of Stéphane Leroux on the spot and well, I think even Patrick Roy and his Remparts dream one day of playing in such an amphitheater. The number seven player with the Sioux is dealt with onions and is the offensive leader of the team, with 12 players already drafted in the NHL including Rocco Grimaldi (33rd overall by the Panthers) and Derek Forbort (15th in total by the Kings).
Kristo is only 22 years old at the time of writing these lines. 22 years old…
I will make a prediction and honestly, it is not at all difficult to do. Danny Kristo will have more impact in the NHL than Brendan Gallagher, that Nathan Beaulieu, Sebastian Collberg and Louis Leblanc, all ranked before him according to “experts”.

At 22, your career is far from over and stop believing that everything is playing at this age is totally false. If the Canadian leaves Kristo at the end of his contract, I know some formations that will welcome him with open arms. He’s a native of Minnesota and I’m sure the Wild’s organization already knows it very well.

His situation is starting to get me thinking of Justin Schultz, who, I remind you, is at his first professional skating at age 22 and dominates the column of markers of the American League. 22 years old…
The Coyotes in Phoenix to stay?

This is what has been believed since Tuesday because the city council has ruled on the situation that continues to shock the majority of hockey fans who have been following the file for too long. On Tuesday, 4 out of 6 elected officials approved the sale of the team to the “pseudo” millionaire Greg Jamison who has until January 31, 2013 to raise the money needed to complete the franchise purchase which is by far the most pathetic of the history of the National League.

Nordic supporters, it’s officially not yet finished and you can still dream of a team return to Quebec City.
Anyways, if I can reassure you, we are talking more and more about a possible expansion that would allow two new formations to come into being. You will have your team my friends!

In short, the situation of the Coyotes is more and more annoying and I put myself in the shoes of an average citizen of Glendale who will have to increase his tax account for a team of which he is against (%).
The Jonathan Drouin Case

Since the beginning of the season, Nathan MacKinnon, Seth Jones and Aleksander Barkov have been the three favorites for the upcoming NHL Entry Draft at the all-new Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.
As of today, none of this has changed. Nathan MacKinnon is still at the top of the list and is always followed by the other two. However, Jonathan Drouin is shaking everyone a bit because he knows an extraordinary season. Several Quebec journalists see him as a savior, like the future Mario Lemieux and a real promotion campaign has begun around the young striker of the Mooseheads native of Ste-Agathe.

Drouin is exceptional and there is no doubt that his progression is very interesting. It should be selected among the top 10 in June. Thence to place him in the first rank, you must keep a reserve. Jordan Eberle was already excellent when the Edmonton Oilers picked him 22nd in the 2008 draft and there are no better comparisons at the moment. It’s not all about collecting points at a pace of hell, hockey is a sport where you must EVERYTHING have to be a total first choice and Jonathan Drouin is not Nathan MacKinnon.

For those who will have the reflex to talk to me about Patrick Kane and take a couple of minutes to take a look at the 2007 draft where Kane was selected to the first rank by the Hawks. You’ll see pretty quickly that this year’s draft is a much better one. This year, there will be no Kyle Turris selected in 3rd place, neither by Angelo Esposito, by Zach Hamill, by Nick Ross or by Jim O’Brien. The 2013 draft is a real one. One of the best for 10 years …
Yes the number 27 of the Mooseheads will be drafted very high. I admit it.
Jonathan Drouin is exceptional and will play one day in the National League, I have no doubt. I love seeing him play as much as you do, but now you’re putting extra pressure on his shoulders and he did not ask you anything.