Second Defeat for the Remparts Mathew Lamontagne

For the 11th time in as many encounters, Patrick Roy’s men were the first to register for the brand. With a little less than 10 minutes elapsed in the first twenty, defender Ryan Culkin allowed his people to take the lead. He beat Brandon Whitney on the “cookie” side of a shot from the enclave’s wrists.
The thin advance of the Red Devils, however, did not last long. Just three minutes later, a spurt by Philippe Hudon in the net allowed Jean-François Leblanc to score his third goal of the season.

In mid-second, while the Remparts took advantage of a man’s advantage, a blunder on the blue line of the defensive visitors allowed Philipe Halley to escape alone in front of François Brassard. The Remparts keeper made the first save but was unable to stop Halley’s second attempt, which earned his 8th goal of the campaign by recovering his own throwback.

The Red Devils have in turn replied at the speed of lightning. No less than 23 seconds after Halley gave the lead to his team, American Adam Erne cut to the net from right to left to allow his trio compatriot Mikhail Grigorenko to put on his 10th goal of the season and at the same time, also allow him to put his name on the score sheet for a 11th straight game.

While they had been controlling the game for several minutes in opponent territory, the Remparts took the lead for the second time this evening, this time through Marc-Antoine Carrier. The small left-footed defender was a shot from the left fulcrum that left no chance for Tigres starting, Brandon Whitney, who had a completely veiled view of the sequence.

The rest of the encounter eventually was completely to the advantage of the Tigers. Yanick Jean’s men retaliated with 4 goals without riposte. Angelo Miceli first allowed the locals to create the 4-4 tie with only a few minutes left in the second third. Then, in the second half of the third period, Petr Sidlik gave the felines the lead for the second time in the match and for good, as this goal proved to be the winning goal.

The Remparts driver, Patrick Roy, then tried it all with less than two minutes to go to the meeting by removing his goalkeeper twice but it was a failure. Philippe Haley, with his second of the evening, and Carl-Antoine Delisle both scored in a deserted cage to confirm the second straight win of the Tigres who dominated 32-25 on penalties.
Roy gives credit to Tigers

In his post-match remarks, although his players did not do their best, Patrick Roy gave credit to the Tigers. “They were strong to recover some rebounds and that’s how we win games and they did it well. I think we have to give them credit for that, “he explained.

Roy also commented on the work of his defense which has certainly experienced one of his worst games of the season so far. “It’s been two games that’s tougher in our territory. We’ll have to pull ourselves together, there’s no doubt we have things to work on. Now it’s time to be ready for our Sunday afternoon game against the Voltigeurs in Drummondville, “he added.
Anthony Patriarco makes a good impression

Anthony Patriarco was the 9th round of the Remparts in the last draft, and was in the first game in the QMJHL. The 5-foot-8-inch striker made a good impression and his coach pointed out after the game. “I thought it was okay. He did well for a match Quebec – Victoriaville in front of a packed house, it gives him a good experience for him. He did well. Roy also said in closing that he would be in uniform on Sunday in Drummondville.

The Remparts coach also confirmed that it would be François Brassard in front of the net Sunday against the Voltigeurs at the Center Marcel-Dionne. This meeting will be broadcast on TVA Sports, starting at 4 pm. To return to Brassard, he had an “acceptable” game, pushing 26 of the 30 pucks directed towards him. He will certainly like to see some shots again. The native goalkeeper from Gatineau has used us to a much better performance since the start of the campaign.

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