Portrait of Ivan Barbashev Raphael Guillemette

At the age of 16, the native of Moscow is on his first shots in North America. Well-anchored to the first two offensive units of the Wildcats, the young striker drives the second trio alongside his friend Dmitrij Jaskin and former Shawinigan Cataractes Yannick Veilleux. In addition, he gets his share of playing time on the second wave of massive attack.
With a five-point record in six games, Barbashev is showing good offensive qualities even if his first goal in the QMJHL is still waiting.
Strengths :
The template of the young Russian striker is rather imposing for a player his age and should win another one or two inches and ten pounds in muscle or more in the year to come. He does not hesitate to get involved in the corners of ice rink and wins his battles one-on-one. A priori, it is his vision of play and his ability to create chances for his teammates are his greatest qualities. As evidenced by his five mentions of assistance six encounters. He possesses clever hands which allow him to signal himself when he loads the net.
To work :

For what has been given me to see of him until present, the game of the young counts on some shortcomings. Impossible to be perfect at this age!
His defensive play consists of his first gap in my eye. At 16, it’s a normal situation, but he’ll have to learn to play both ways of the ice, and that very quickly if he wants to be able to signal himself as a complete player. His skating shot is fluid, yet he will have to work his explosion since that is why he can sometimes be caught by the opposing players. Of course, its shortcomings will be worked in the coming season among others. A follow-up will be done on the file to know if it will have improved its defects and the World Challenge under 17 will be the opportunity to see the progress of his game.

To come up :
It is hard to foresee the future of a young 16-year-old since he is at the beginning of his junior career. With skillful hands and unparalleled gameplay, there is no doubt that this youngster will be to follow in the coming years. Remember that his first year of eligibility for the NHL draft is only next year in Philadelphia (2014) and it is a safe bet that he will be called very early …