Keven Bouchard, an Elite in front of the net Maxime Tousignant

It is often said that a team is built from the back to the front. If this is the case, we already know that the Elites have nothing to fear in the goals.
An imposing stature in front of the net

At just 16 years old, the Elite keeper veteran has a noticeable advantage in his favor. Its imposing template ensures that it covers its angles well when enemy fire is directed at it. Although it is about 6 feet and 2 inches, this element does not affect its movements, especially since in butterfly style, it covers all the same the top of the net. When the opponent approaches with the puck of the Jonquiero net, he has before him a calm guard who does not rush in his movements. These are assets that should not be overlooked when evaluating a goalkeeper.

It is said that in shorthanded numbers, your goalkeeper must be your best player. In two games, the Elites held the opponent in check eight times over a nine. When the puck appeared in his wake, Keven did not hesitate to carry out the releases himself.

This support will benefit the final Dodge Cup finalists.
“That’s what Keven is expecting. When we have small moments of flutter, that he holds us in the meeting, “advances the new head coach of the Elites, Dany Fortin.
A first season in two stages
However, at his first runs in the Therrien circuit last season, Keven did not have the expected start.

“I had a tough start to the season; I was new to the league at the age of 15, remembers the one who shared the net with Mathieu Duquette throughout the regular schedule. But the more the season progressed, the better. At the end, I think I was doing very well. ”

Indeed, Keven Bouchard did not let himself be defeated by its beginning of campaign and continued to work. His record saw a potential waiting to hatch. He had an average of 2.80 goals per game in addition to a 0.885% efficiency percentage.

However, it was during the Dodge Cup 2012 that he stood out. When it really matters, we want your best players to be the best. Keven Bouchard replied! “I took my place as the first goaltender last season at the Dodge Cup,” he said.
He overshadowed all his regular season statistics, his average goals per encounter dropping to 1.98 and his percentage of efficiency climbing to 0.926%. He led the Elites to the final before bowing to the Albatrosses of Notre-Dame College.

By concluding his season in strength, he was even more likely to hear his name being delivered in the annual Quebec Major Junior Hockey League draft.
It was in the third round that his name came out for the Foreurs de Val-d’Or. The principal concerned did not expect to hear him at that level.
“I was rather surprised because it was not one of the teams that approached me. I also did not expect to go out in the third round, “said the one who had discussions with 13 other teams from the circuit Courteau.
A new start

Keven Bouchard participated in his first major junior camp this season. In just over sixty minutes of play, he gave only two goals and recorded a victory. However, the goalkeeper from Métabetchouan was not able to avoid the cleaver, but was satisfied with his performance at training camp.
The 46th pick in the last draft was announced that he would return to another midget AAA season. His arrival with the Elites is, however, very different from the previous one. Keven is fully aware of the role he has to play with his teammates.

“I want to do my job and give my team a chance to win at every game,” he said.
Despite a defeat at his first outing this season, 3-2 in overtime at the hands of Magog Cantonniers, Keven allowed his team to stay in the match by lining up many key stops. “It allowed us to get back into the game on two or three occasions in the second and third period. It’s interesting for us, “said his coach.
His teammates returned the device 24 hours later by entering no fewer than 10 goals to allow Keven to work with the lead. Nevertheless, the Elite keeper wanted to point out that regardless of the score, his way of playing always remains the same.