What does the future hold for the Canadian? Andre Ouellet

Now that Marc Bergevin is in position, it is high time for him to get to work and analyze the future of his training.

I will slip into the skin of the new boss of the Habs for a moment to allow you to better understand what the future holds for the Canadian.

Here is first of all a very personal ranking on those who must be considered the five best hopes in the Habs:

1- Danny Kristo
2- Brendan Gallagher
3- Jarred Tinordi
4- Nathan Beaulieu
5- Morgan Ellis

Obviously, Louis Leblanc, Aaron Palushaj, Blake Geoffrion, Andreas Engqvist and Ryan White are no longer regarded as “hopes” but as “graduated” players. In Hamilton, there are also Gabriel Dumont, Alexander Avtsin, Joonas Nattinen, Ian Schultz and others.

The most important thing for Marc Bergevin is to realize that the future of the Canadian is really not rosy and that this year’s draft will be crucial for the future of his training.

It is also important for Bergevin to realize that the future of the Canadian will not pass through the defensive but through the offensive. With Subban, Tinordi, Beaulieu, Diaz, Emelin and Ellis, there is no real urgency, and we can see a positive in this future defensive brigade that brings together virtually all the qualities necessary for good functioning.

The problem is the attack. Danny Kristo and Brendan Gallagher are excellent players but will probably not have a major impact in the National League. Drawing in third place will help the Habs get their hands on a “real” number one hope.

The problem at the time I wrote this is that according to some very, very credible sources, the player targeted by Trevor Timmins is currently called Teuvo Teravainen …

The power station ranks it in the top 5 rank among Europeans. Trevor, you sure it’s gonna man?

More and more, I trust Trevor Timmins, but I believe that Marc Bergevin will have to take his first “big” decision on June 22 at around 19:45 …

Marc Bergevin must not let Timmins recover the Finnish striker. Why? Because it measures 5-10 and weighs only 165 lbs. Because the Canadian already has too much of this kind of player and because he is too far away for the Canadian to select 3rd overall.

For the first time in 664 years, the Canadian is lucky enough to catch a star player and you tell me he could select a player ranked 16th overall … For real?

Marc Bergevin is fortunate to have the chance to get his hands on the first choice of the auction. The chance to get their hands on Nail Yakupov, a future star who will have a major impact with his training. Bergevin must try to get their hands on the first choice of the Oilers since Steve Tambellini wants to pick a defender and is very open to speak for his first choice. For Steve Tambellini, retreating two rungs to recover Ryan Murray is not a failure. Murray could evolve for the Oilers as early as next season and is a perfect fit with the formation of the Aberta.

In another possible scenario, Bergevin can drop a phone call to his good friend Dale Tallon and ask him what he wants for Jonathan Huberdeau. Obviously, the CH’s first choice will be on the table. When you put things in perspective – and you have to do it to understand the kind of theory I’m suggesting right now – you understand that if he were available in the draft this year, Jonathan Huberdeau would be picked first in the draft. The Saint John Sea Dogs striker is a better player than Nail Yakupov, a better player than Filip Forsberg and is far superior to Mikhail Grigorenko.

What I have just offered you as a scenario is the best thing that could happen in the next draft.

Jonathan Huberdeau with the Canadian? Amen!

If no one moves, the Oilers would select Ryan Murray in the front row, the Columbus Blue Jackets would call Nail Yakupov and the Canadian would have a choice between Filip Forsberg, Alex Galchenyuk and Mikhail Grigorenko. The logical choice would be Forsberg. If things happen that way, Bergevin won.

Let us summarize the three possibilities:

1- Bergevin deals with the Oilers to rescue Nail Yakupov

2- Bergevin deals with the Panthers to get Jonathan Huberdeau

3- Bergevin hopes Oilers pick up defender

With Yakupov, Huberdeau or Forsberg, the new GM of the Habs has just made sure to have a leading element in the attack and can take a little pressure on Danny Kristo and Brendan Gallagher who do not deserve a ” have as much pressure on the shoulders.